The beauty of two well-trained and thoroughly experienced photographers on your big day brings so much more to the memories of your wedding! Where some people think it only comes in handy during the reception, we find the more intimate moments to be the best time for us to have each other. Think about the moment you first see your fiancé on your wedding day, whether during a first look or walking down the aisle. Having both of us allows us to capture the initial reaction of both bride and groom down to the millisecond. Or, as most Grooms tend to fight back the true emotion for a few minutes, we want to make sure as soon as the true emotion hits we'll be there and be ready so that you'll have it to cherish forever.

We've worked as photographers individually and you simply don’t capture it all. As a single photographer, you're too busy rushing from one place to the next - having both of us allows the bride and groom to relax and be natural and us to capture genuine emotion. We also realize men and women tend to act differently around the opposite sex. Having both a male and female photographer capturing the vital pre-ceremony moments results in more authentic photos.

Lastly, as a husband and wife team, we can make the unfamiliar feel less awkward, whether it comes from our natural interaction, visual examples of newlywed poses, or the goofy way we joke around with you. The day becomes comfortable and seamless, making your once-in-a-lifetime day a whole lot more enjoyable.


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